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Business Account

  • What is Agency Automation?

    When it comes to running a business it can be difficult to get through the day-to-day and to manage all the different things that we are meant to do. That being said, automation is a great way to help increase productivity, overall profits, and it can also help to make the day to day of your business run smoothly.

    What is Agency Automation?

    Automation is a great thing. It can help to make running your business easier and faster and it can help to make your day to day simpler. So, what is automation? Automation is the process by which tasks are delegated to automated systems like computer programs that can run them. This helps to reduce the need for more workers, it can help make processes faster, and it can help to make the overall process more accurate.

    Why Should you opt for Automation?                                          

    When it comes to running …

  • Hiring A Virtual Assistant During The Pandemic

    Telecommuting and Virtual Assistants are not new. They have existed for a long time, but, few companies have taken this type of work and hiring seriously until 2020 came around and we all had to deal with the pandemic. In the best of cases, companies, regardless of their size, had to send their employees home and adapt their systems to a virtual platform and do it quickly. Others with less success had to lay off employees in order to survive the worst months of lockdown. And many simply disappeared.

    The Pandemic

    However, there are industries that have experienced their best moments as a result of the pandemic, especially the virtual assistance industry. Today for companies, there has been a change in the search for personnel. They are not only looking for someone trained but someone who also has what are considered soft skills.

    What are Soft Skills?

    They are skills …