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  • Here’s Why Your Customer Won’t Always Care If Your Product Is Better

    If you think better always prevails in a high-tech environment, then here’s a story about the unrivaled persuasive power of simplicity –

    Back when I was a young engineer in R&D, I developed a very small and cheap component for replacing a rather costly outdated one in a project I was working on.

    One day the head of a manufacturing line calls me up and schedules a meeting with me and a project manager who may need what I’ve developed for another project.

    We start the meeting and the project manager explains:

    I have a rather old product.

    Despite its antiquated, it has proven very successful with our clients, and I don’t want to change anything…

    My problem is this one component that’s obsolete in the design and I have a new batch to manufacture… it’s hard to find a trustworthy vendor with who has this component in their storage…