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  • Improving your trade execution in a few easy steps

    For every trader, it’s important to improve their trade entry and execution. To make profits in the Forex market you need to do an effective trade entry and execution. New traders often have this lacking in their trades and thus they can’t make profits. Unless you develop the skills to find the perfect position to place the trade, you are not ready to trade. Being an active trader in Hong Kong, it’s your primary duty to improve your accuracy. Paying attention to your emotions and trying to win big trades with an aggressive approach is nothing but putting an end to your trading career.

    Even after becoming successful the pro trades never stop trying to improve their trade entry and execution. There are many methods of improving your entire trading system. In this article, you will find a few important points which will help you to do effective trade entry …

  • Coping With Tax Season: Advice for CPAs

    With tax season in full swing, you may feel too busy to think about anything but your job. However, you cannot spend all your time and effort taking care of your clients. Now more than ever, it is imperative that you take care of yourself.

    Give your spirits a boost by reaching out to colleagues. Socialize over lunch with other tax professionals. Commiserating with others in the same boat can help relieve stress and remind you that you are not alone. You may even pick up some helpful tips for handling your workload. Professional organizations such as The United CPA Association are a great source of comradery and encouragement.

    Ask for personal support. Remind your loved ones that you will be working many more hours during tax season than you ordinarily do. You may not be able to run the normal errands or attend all the usual social functions. If …