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  • Save Money on Owning a Plane by Buying Used

    Owning an aircraft is expensive. However, there are things you can do to reduce the overall costs. Before you buy brand-new, consider the benefits of buying a used plane.


    Probably the biggest advantage of buying used versus new is the cost. New airplanes are significantly more expensive than older models. The older plane may need additional maintenance and have higher fuel costs, but those often still fall well below the cost of purchasing a new plane. Finding hardware distributors can help further lower the costs of maintaining your plane whether new or used.


    If you plan to use your plane for small business trips or only as a hobby, there is no reason to buy the latest and greatest. Often a used airplane will have everything you need at a fraction of the cost. However, if you plan to make multiple trips a week and think the newer …

  • 4 Amazing Startups That Began in Coworking Spaces

    Almost every company including those that have rapidly scaled and experienced success started from humble beginnings. Many of the most popular businesses and services we use daily got their start in a coworking space. As a business faces an uphill climb, getting started in a co-working space gives the company a chance to scale faster and in a versatile space. Here are some of the top companies you may not have known started in a co-working space.


    Spotify started in a co-working space in San Francisco in 2008. A few employees banded together to build Spotify originally in Stockholm in 2006 and then the company moved to Rocketspace for its operations in 2008. Today there are over 191 million users on the music streaming platform.


    Instagram is only 8 years old and today it has over 1 billion monthly users. When the company was acquired in 2012, it …