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  • 3 Tips for a Beautiful Corporate Headquarters

    Your corporate headquarters is more than just the hub of your business operations. Your office aesthetics set the tone for your employees, and customers and clients who visit your HQ will see it as a signal of how you work and what your standards are. It is important to design your space to reflect your company’s culture and brand. This article will highlight three key considerations for creating a professional headquarters design that is sure to impress. 

    Optimize the Outdoors 

    If your office building has outdoor spaces that your employees and clients use for meetings (or even just for taking their lunch breaks), then the design of these areas is just as important as the design of your boardroom. Again, it’s all about what signal you’re sending, so if your outdoor space is ill kept, it will reflect poorly on your company. The first place to start is with a …

  • Check Your Health With a Complete Metabolic Panel

    The next time you go to the doctor it may be a good idea to have them run a complete metabolic panel. A primary care physician often orders a CMP as part of an annual check-up. However, there are other reasons to have one conducted such as low metabolism.

    Blood Protein

    Proteins are the building blocks of the body and are essential for every cell from the skin to the brain. Low protein levels can indicate a nutrition deficiency or kidney or liver disease. The liver produces albumin which is detectable in the blood. The test also looks at total protein levels in the blood. Sending out for a same day courier Pennsylvania can help you get the results faster.

    Blood Sugar

    A glucose test requires fasting to accurately reflect the blood sugar retained in the body. Hypoglycemia happens when blood sugar is too low, while diabetes can happen if …

  • Why Should You Hire an Expert Witness?

    In the legal field, a strategy is everything. Putting in the effort to plan out how to win a case from start to finish may pay off more than trying to wing it. While not every aspect can be accounted for at the onset, many elements can be foreseen and a strategy implemented on how to address it. One tool you should consider having in your pocket is an expert witness. These valuable allies may mean the difference between a win and a loss.

    What Does an Expert Witness Do?

    There are a variety of scenarios that make having expert witness testimony conducive to a case. In medical malpractice cases, an expert may testify as to the ways the medical facility or provider acted negligently in handling the patient. The expert in this type of case should be on the same level as the person you are trying to disprove. For example, …

  • Thank Goodness There Are Janitorial Services!

    You can tell the office party was a huge success by the mess that was left behind. There must have been over 100 people in attendance, and there is a huge amount of clutter left behind now that everyone has gone. Glasses are sitting on tables, napkins were strewn across the floor, and fingerprint smudges are scattered across the windows. You heave a sign of relief as you lock the door behind you, knowing your trusted janitorial company will take care of the area in a couple of hours.

    Here are four other times a commercial cleaning service can help your business.

    1. Toilet Backup            

    When you have a business toilet backup, the area may have to be closed until the vicinity toilets can be unclogged, cleaned, and sanitized. Your favorite janitorial services Minneapolis, can keep the area clean and warn you at the first sign of trouble, so …