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  • Solving Problems with Your Upcoming Office Fitout

    If you are in the process of implementing a new office fitout in Melbourne, you are probably looking to create the most productive and aesthetically pleasing space possible. Traditional office spaces have looked to increase efficiency, bring in top talent, and create an engaging environment for work. 

    However, as work has changed, so has the process of office fitout, and knowing how to solve problems with a new design can go a long way.

    Handling Noise Issues

    Noise in the office can be distracting to employees and lead to less productivity. White noise sound masking systems can help remove excess noise. There are also special materials made to absorb sounds. Going with double or triple-insulated doors and glass office fronts can also eliminate sounds. Furniture has also been developed recently with the intention of combating noise for a more productive space.

    Impact on Operations

    As companies look to bring in the …

  • Helpful Hints for Opening Your First Office

    If that small business you started out of your basement is suddenly not so small, you’re probably readying to move to your first office. But the decision to do so may be one of the most complex and unfamiliar ones that you will have to make. Here are three helpful hints to ensure that your expanding enterprise gets off to a smooth and successful start.

    Don’t Skimp on Your Furniture

    Good furniture not only makes a statement to your clients, it creates a positive working environment for your employees. So when you begin shopping for things like pre owned office chairs, start with retailers who offer a wide range of styles that are both pleasing to the eye and ergonomically designed. Many studies have shown that there’s a strong correlation between office surroundings and worker productivity.

    Leave the Networking to an Expert

    With a growing staff comes a wider …

  • Benefits of a Clean and Green Workplace

    If you are in a messy business, how you keep it clean can have a big impact on your employees and the environment. No one wants to work in a dirty office or industrial workplace, and many employees today are concerned with environmental safety and preservation. A modern workplace should support these concerns and employ the latest techniques and approaches to commercial cleaning, with an eye toward being environmentally friendly. An additional benefit is the impression on customers, especially in retail businesses where cleaning tasks are often highly visible to both customers and staff.

    Protect the Environment While Cleaning

    Historically, many commercial cleaning solutions contained harsh chemicals that not only were harmful to the personnel performing the cleaning tasks but also harmful to the environment when they were disposed of. While some tasks still require these chemicals, most routine cleaning tasks do not. Luckily today many options exist for utilizing greener resources for these …

  • Making Changes in Your Business: A Guide for Success

    No business enjoys perfectly smooth sailing, and no business owner has ever found that the strategy they came up with when they launched their business has proved to be a perfect guide to every unforeseen even that they encounter. In short: every business has to change. Sometimes it’s to survive difficult times that forces beyond your control force on you; sometimes it’s to recover from bad advice you’ve been given; sometimes you have simply been wrong, and you need to do some work to keep your business functional, but whatever the reason, change is the only real constant in the world of business.

    Not changing risks the failure of your business, as you can’t respond to a dynamic market, but changing carries risks of its own: whether it’s backroom, organisational makeover, or a rebrand focused on your customers, there is always the chance that your plans can go wrong, …