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  • Make Your Office Safe for Your Employees

    Your employees are the lifeblood of your Boca Raton company. Their safety should be a top priority. Although office environments don’t tend to conjure up the same potential hazards as construction sites, they can present their own unique problems that can affect the performance of your workers. Here are three ways that you can ensure a safe work environment for your employees.

    Avoid Fire and Tripping Hazards   

    Chances are that your office has a lot of electronics. Many of these electronics use power cords. Too many cords in a single outlet (even with a power strip) can create a fire hazard. Running cords under carpets may lead to trips and falls. Make sure that all cords are run (and secured) safely to avoid dangerous accidents.

    Keep It Clean

    If your office isn’t cleaned regularly, germs can accumulate, which poses a health risk for your employees. Taking sick days can significantly …