4 Restaurant Fire Prevention Tips

Kitchen fires are one of the biggest risks faced by..

4 Restaurant Fire Prevention Tips

Kitchen fires are one of the biggest risks faced by restaurant owners. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your fire risk.

1. Install and Maintain a Commercial Stove Hood

Stove hoods help filter grease and other contaminants out of the air which can reduce your fire risk. Many hoods also contain fire suppression equipment that can quickly douse many cooking fires. However, the effectiveness of your stove hood depends upon regular cleaning and maintenance. A restaurant vent hood repair Manhattan NY company can provide you with a complete inspection of your stove hood and repair any issues that need to be addressed. 

2. Inspect Sprinklers and Fire Extinguishers

Sprinklers and fire extinguishers can be very effective at preventing small fires from becoming large fires, but they need to be inspected regularly. Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems should be inspected and serviced at least once per year. 

3. Check Your Fire Alarms

Working fire alarms are vital as an early warning system that can help employees and customers escape a building that is on fire and provide the opportunity to alert the fire department when a fire is first detected. You should regularly check your fire alarms to make sure they are functioning properly and replace any that no longer work. 

4. Train Your Staff

Your staff should be trained to know exactly what to do when a fire occurs. This includes instructing them on how to operate fire extinguishers, knowing when and how to evacuate and how to direct restaurant guests. Your customers will follow your staff’s lead, so their safety depends on your staff knowing what to do.

A kitchen fire can cause severe property damage and put staff and customers at risk. These fire prevention tips can help you avoid fires and minimize the damage caused by any fires that do occur. 

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