Solving Problems with Your Upcoming Office Fitout

If you are in the process of implementing a new office..

Solving Problems with Your Upcoming Office Fitout

If you are in the process of implementing a new office fitout in Melbourne, you are probably looking to create the most productive and aesthetically pleasing space possible. Traditional office spaces have looked to increase efficiency, bring in top talent, and create an engaging environment for work. 

However, as work has changed, so has the process of office fitout, and knowing how to solve problems with a new design can go a long way.

Handling Noise Issues

Noise in the office can be distracting to employees and lead to less productivity. White noise sound masking systems can help remove excess noise. There are also special materials made to absorb sounds. Going with double or triple-insulated doors and glass office fronts can also eliminate sounds. Furniture has also been developed recently with the intention of combating noise for a more productive space.

Impact on Operations

As companies look to bring in the best talent, being flexible in terms of hours is a common choice. With your office fitout in Melbourne, this is another thing to consider. With people in the office working throughout a longer part of the day, it’s important to consider durability when deciding on equipment and finish materials. Functionality, colors, and textures can fade as time goes on with ongoing daily use. While this may cost more in the short-term, it can reduce costs on a long-term basis.

Demand for Additional Parking

With more employees in open office environments, there may be a need for more parking. Sometimes an office fitout in Melbourne may not be able to support additional parking. Having rideshare services available is one option for handling this problem, but extended hours can also reduce how many parking spots are needed. Another way to offer sufficient parking is to have direct access to public transportation for employees.

Needs Based in Infrastructure

Having a robust infrastructure in place for the office is important. Adding in new technology, such as infrared sensors, can help control electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. In addition, it’s critical for offices today to offer secure, reliable high-speed wireless Internet access. Your new office fitout in Melbourne should have wireless access points (WAPs) located in various parts of the office to ensure the best connectivity. 

Handling Issues Related to Vibration

Without suspended ceilings and wall partitions, often used to add reinforcement to the structure of an office building, often leads to more noticeable vibration. This can then become worse through dimensions of column bays, building configurations, and floor plate square footage. The best option is to reinforce the beams that are already existing in the building or installing dampers that can help remove vibration from the environment.

An office fitout in Melbourne can take many forms, but there are many ways to avoid problems that might not come about until after the project is completed. Take some of these suggestions into account when making plans to ensure you get the office you’ve been dreaming of without any nagging problems.


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