Lower Fire Risk by Keeping the Restaurant’s Exhaust Hood Clean

Americans love to eat out and partake in a variety..

Lower Fire Risk by Keeping the Restaurant’s Exhaust Hood Clean

Americans love to eat out and partake in a variety of cuisine. The larger the city the more options available to satisfy any palate. With all the cooking that goes on in the kitchen, grease fires can become a safety hazard if the exhaust hoods aren’t properly cleaned. There are regular cleaning steps different types of commercial kitchens should take to lower their risk of fire in the kitchen.


Annually clean the kitchen hood Rockland County NY for those smaller kitchens that have lower volume such as seasonal businesses and day camps. The cleaning company comes in and cleans all parts of the exhaust fan thoroughly. They clean from the exhaust fan through the ductwork and out to the vents outside.


Moderate volume kitchens such as those open only for one meal a day or only on weekends may only need cleaning on a semi-annual basis. Even on a semi-annual basis, these types of kitchens get the benefit of a good clean exhaust system. The cleaning company should leave behind a written report that includes any problems noticed during the inspection.


Your favorite 24-hour diner and Asian-inspired kitchens benefit from quarterly exhaust fan cleaning. Degreasing all the pieces also makes the kitchen exhaust hood look nicer. Companies receive a certification from the company.


Those kitchens using solid fuel for their cooking operations need a monthly cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies ensure all kitchens stay in compliance with local area requirements. The safety of your business needs a high-quality cleaning.

A quality cleaning company uses food-safe cleaners to make the stainless steel shine and remove grease and grime. The oil, grease and stuck on bits prevent a fire hazard if left in the system. A top to bottom clean keeps the exhaust system working properly to remove unwanted heat and keeping kitchen staff and others safe. Don’t wait to clean the kitchen hood.

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