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  • 3 Undeniable Benefits of Employee Screening Services

    Have you ever hired an employee who sounded perfect in the interview, but then turned out to be a nightmare when they were hired? Unfortunately, this is all too common in the business world.

    You can save yourself some trouble by using a screening service for your potential hires before making that commitment. Keep reading to learn three ways a screening service can help.

    1. Save Money

    You aren’t only down the cost of sending out applications when you make a bad hire. You also suffer downtime, productivity loss, and the cost of hiring someone else. If you use employee screening services, you can filter out some of the bad apples beforehand.

    A screening process will show you if a potential employee has a history of bad behavior. When the average cost of a bad hire is $14,900, you want to avoid bringing on someone with a bad history.

    2. Improve