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  • How to Develop Your Impact As A Leader

    Leadership in business is a subject that regularly takes place in discussions today: “I would like to develop my leadership skills!” “Colleagues, members of management make me feel my lack of leadership.” The observation is that the felt need is positioned on 2 axes: relational leadership which boils down to the ability to establish authentic, healthy, and lasting relationships on the one hand, and organizational leadership on the other hand. The latter can be summed up in three points as it relates to leadership development:

    1. Gather your teams according to a systemic operating logic around a common mission that touches and carries passion. It requires the creation of a common vision and innovation.
    2. Create the conditions to put them in motion, with a leadership posture that inspires confidence and connects emotionally to its teams.
    3. Communicating, which implies having good listening of needs and opinions and an open, clear, and