How to Develop Your Impact As A Leader

Leadership in business is a subject that regularly takes place..

How to Develop Your Impact As A Leader

Leadership in business is a subject that regularly takes place in discussions today: “I would like to develop my leadership skills!” “Colleagues, members of management make me feel my lack of leadership.” The observation is that the felt need is positioned on 2 axes: relational leadership which boils down to the ability to establish authentic, healthy, and lasting relationships on the one hand, and organizational leadership on the other hand. The latter can be summed up in three points as it relates to leadership development:

  1. Gather your teams according to a systemic operating logic around a common mission that touches and carries passion. It requires the creation of a common vision and innovation.
  2. Create the conditions to put them in motion, with a leadership posture that inspires confidence and connects emotionally to its teams.
  3. Communicating, which implies having good listening of needs and opinions and an open, clear, and true dialogue. This communication is based on trust.

The Focus on People

A successful leader focuses on people. As you will have understood, a successful leader puts the focus on individuals (contacts), the team, and the organization. However, access to inspiring leadership is a journey. It is a journey that starts with knowledge and self-awareness, and the “ME” of the leader is the starting point. 

The Starting Point Is “ME”

To access the higher levels of leadership and put the focus on others and the organization, the journey begins with oneself. Take time to meet the deeper self, in other words, to have an awareness of who You ARE. This first level of leadership which leads to relational and organizational leadership is very often neglected or even forgotten in the majority of companies! However, the reality is that you cannot skip ahead and expect excellence.

Your Values and Principles

The more you know yourself, the more you become an authentic and inspiring leader. What is important in your life? What is important to you today? What is this inner compass that guides you, that constantly puts you on your way … provided that you listen to it! Become aware of your well-anchored principles, which are those that block you in your path and those that carry you to your desired purpose. Your values ​​and principles should continuously guide you in your relational and organizational leadership.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize your vulnerability and accept yourself as you are – unconditionally. It is to increase your confidence in yourself. Trust is one of the fundamentals in healthy and lasting interactions. A genuine leader is an important leader.


In conclusion, a leader who knows himself is in harmony with himself. He is a true leader who inspires because he considers himself able to reach success as he is with his strengths and weaknesses, his limits, his values ​​and beliefs, his vulnerability! His inner peace is the key to the success of his leadership within the company. A business leader is one who puts his head, his heart, and his whole body in his actions for the benefit of a mission.

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