4 Benefits of Cloud Backup

While most major corporations have moved to the cloud, many..

4 Benefits of Cloud Backup

While most major corporations have moved to the cloud, many small businesses haven’t caught up just yet. Technological advances can often feel daunting for many reasons, such as expense and ease of use. In the case of remote backups, however, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Backing up to the cloud could make your business more secure and save you money.

1. Secure

If you or an employee has ever lost a company phone or laptop, you’re familiar with the myriad challenges that arise. It’s not just the property that’s been lost but also any data on that device. Important files could be lost forever or end up in the wrong hands. Cloud backup services Dallas solve this problem twofold because your files are backed up to the cloud and you can remotely wipe data from a lost device. A remote backup is also handy if some type of disaster happens at your office that wipes out your local data.

2. Affordable

Is your IT team stretched thin but you don’t have room in the budget to expand? Cloud hosting services are a low-cost solution that can take some of the pressure off of your IT team without breaking the bank, freeing them up to focus on more critical problems. It saves you money on hardware management and setup—and helps you avoid losing valuable data.

3. Automatic

As long as you’re connected to the internet, cloud backups happen automatically, so there’s no risk of forgetting to backup your data or losing prime work time in order to run one. And you know what else is automatic? Software and security updates, so you and your IT team have fewer things to keep up with. This also makes it easier to collaborate with coworkers on projects because everyone will get your updates automatically.

4. Disaster Recovery

Don’t let a disaster set your company back more than it has to. Property loss may be a hard hit, but data loss could cost you even more. If you’re only relying on local backups, a disaster could completely wipe out your company. Storing your files off-site means that when disaster strikes, it doesn’t have to be the end of your business.

Small businesses have enough to worry about when it comes to staying afloat. Don’t add more weight to your load than necessary. Backing up your data could save you time, money, and worry. Let the cloud make your life easier and help your business thrive.

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