Getting Ready For a Trade Show

Trade shows are a fun way to reach out to..

Getting Ready For a Trade Show

Trade shows are a fun way to reach out to new customers as well as connect with your current clientele. It gives those that visit you a chance to meet and get to know you personally in a fun atmosphere. Here are a few things you should do before the day of the show.

Start Weeks Before the Show

Order the business products sacramento that you want to give away at the event. Determine which members of your staff will be attending and make their travel arrangements. Schedule a meeting with everyone involved and talk about what you hope to present to those in attendance. Ask if there are any products or specials that you should highlight at this show. Assign who will put together the advertising material and ensure it is ordered and it arrives before you leave. Collaborate on how you want your booth to look. If there are components that you will need, such as televisions, purchase them weeks beforehand so you can test them out. 

Make Announcements

Have the sales staff that will be going to the trade show call their customers and inform them that you will be attending and where to find your booth. Announce on your website what days you will be there. You can also promote any giveaways you might have and special prices for orders that are placed at the event. If you have a presence on social media, post several weeks in advance then update as much as you can to build excitement with your clients. 

Review the Booth

Construct the booth the way you wish it to look at least a week or two before you leave. This gives you time to correct something if it is out of place or purchase additional items. Have those that will be working at the trade show help you assemble it so that they will understand where the brochures, giveaways, and other marketing items will be. 

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